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  1. Greetings, all! With the sudden stripping out of all non-vanilla Minecraft elements from our Tekkit server, my friends and I are considering starting over. We played Tekkit on Survival (Hard difficulty) and got to the early machine building phase. We were aiming for the moon but got as far as building our first jetpack. These are things I would like in a new mod pack: -Quests and objectives. The open-ended nature of Minecraft shows its seams quickly. Once I've built a base, explored the Nether, and gotten a stack of diamonds, what else is there to do? This feeds into the next point. -More interesting combat. I like the combat aspects of Minecraft, but killing the same few enemies (especially Zombies and archers) gets old. Quickly. So far, it's been a melee clickfest to win, or a lack of this (or quick bunker building) to lose. -Spells and the ability to make custom spells! This combines with the previous point. Spells give more spiffy stuff to do! -Going to the moon/other planets. I like space travel. -Bigger chests! Iron Chest is a staple. I like this mod or something comparable. -Machines to automate mining, farming, pulverizing, smelting, etc. I like flipping a lever to activate everything automated. -Jetpacks. I still haven't used one yet. -Minimaps and waypoints. Super useful. Life is so much better with them! -A more interesting Nether. If the only or primary reason to visit the Nether is as a stop to The End, that's a missed opportunity! This is a lower priority. These are things I WANT TO AVOID in a new mod pack: -Hunger. The default Minecraft way is doable. I'd rather just do away with hunger entirely and make eating food heal HP directly. This, however, is a likely a mild issue. -A PvP focus. My group prefers to build cooperatively. We may have our PvP moments, but this isn't the focus of our game.
  2. It worked! Alleluiah! More specifically, copy the files from the \world\ directory (which I had in %appdata%\roaming\.technic) to the directory with the Tekkit server. For example, my end directory was F:\Minecraft\Mods\Tekkit Server\world\.
  3. Greetings, all! Recently, I started a Tekkit single player game that I opened to my friends via LAN. We enjoyed the game but, starting today, the game would not properly load for me (the host) and therefore we could not play. I could get as far as double-clicking the game name to start it, then Minecraft (with Tekkit via the Technic Launcher) would immediately close with no error messages. Other worlds and other games (like DuckTales Remastered would also work for me. I wanted to host this game as a multiplayer server so I could troubleshoot the problem and all of us could continue to play. I have heard this process works for the original Minecraft but am unsure how to do it for Tekkit. What is the entire process in sequential step-by-step order?
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