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  1. Im 15 years old, got server, got hosting thats not problem, got MIC so we could talk , sometimes might struggle with english but should be alright if anyone wanna play with me pop up your skype in PM i will contact with you in 12 hours . Thanks.
  2. well kind of, well i tried as much as i know from my little tekkit experience ..i tried use battery box but in this version its completely different and doesnt work for me..
  3. Hey..... well tried everything, tried put solar panel next to it that small one and with wires to that sorting machine doesnt work tried many ways.. Please help thanks .
  4. i got modular powersuit not full parts only chest missing but ive got them energy things and my leggings has 500k energy but still my pickaxe using and doesnt use the energy from leggings
  5. hey, in older tekkit versions it was that u can craft them with full size block and using some saw .. but now its not available .. i tried with ruby saw get basalt panel and cover but when i try craft in different ways doesnt let me..
  6. Hey,basically dont even know how to write a topic but the thing is.. is a possible to do in tekkit like for example i can say i put steam dynamo and 2 blocks away i put chest ..and what i want to do that when steam dynamo is empty the coal gonna come from chest to stean dynamo.. i know i could use hooper but i want different way for something else to use..
  7. hello i made me terminal i got energy and everything ok.. but what should i do like if i use quarry that all my items goes to terminal? i was tried use gold pipes or etc transport pipes none of them doesnt work just doesnt connect to terminal.. am i wrong or ???
  8. Thanks for full information how to make it.. so basically i did, but they dont grow so fast . i mean i added fertilzer because i heard that's helps to grow faster..btw i added my screenshot i hope u gonna understand. Thanks for the previous reply.
  9. can i get tutorial how to do it ?
  10. hello recently i made Flux-Infused pickaxe and sword i noticed that when u press V like on pickaxe its mining 3 blocks per hit.. so yeah its fast but they run out so quick and need charge them again/.. so is they working in that kind of system and u need charge them so often or theres something what i dont know ? Thanks
  11. is possible to use oil for them? and btw how to transport liquid between different locations ?
  12. hello , ive started play tekkit again after long time and now everything changed, so i was tryin to do like aqua acumalator ( sorry dont know how to spell that ) but like its makes water then with fluidpipes i connect to steam turbine but its doesnt work dunno why the steam turbine doenst make any power.
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