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  1. Seanmm18

    FML not loading

    Update: I finally gave up and deleted and reinstalled tekkit lite. This fixed my problem but deleted my worlds.
  2. Seanmm18

    FML not loading

    Hello, I've been playing tekkit lite for a year or so, with no problems. However, when I tried to open it today, it says "FML is setting up your minecraft environment". Usually this loads in a few seconds, but after leaving it for over an hour it does not load. There is no crash at all. I looked and looked but no one else seems to have my problem. I tried restarting my computer, technic, and tekkit lite many times to no avail. I was going to reinstall tekkit lite but I don't want to lose my singleplayer maps. I can open other modpacks but not this one. I have an HP Envy with Windows 8. Please help!