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  1. name: Kryptonight098 age: 17 why you want to join: Seems like it will be a great small server with a good community. I love being able to talk to others while playing ad just want to play peacefully with a few good people.
  2. In-game name: Kryptonight098 Why would you like to join the server: Seems like s fun server with great people! I love socializing with other people while playing and getting to know new mods.
  3. IGN? Kryptonight098 Why do you want to join our server? I love ars magica and thaumcraft Tell us a little about yourself. My brother and his friends got me into video games when I was pretty young. Since then it's pretty much been Xbox and computer games. I've played minecraft with my brother and his friends for a few years now. Love playing on servers with lots of people! How long have you been playing Modded Minecraft? 2 or 3 years What's your goals in our Server or The Chroma pack? Just to have fun with other people around, see what they do/build. I'd also like to get acquainted with the mods I haven't used in the past.