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  1. no, i've got only avira but already tryed to start the modpack when it's disabled but still don't work
  2. http://paste.ubuntu.com/12708165/ here you are
  3. every pack does it, but only with the technic because with the FTB played without any problem...
  4. after pressing play on the launcher it simply close and come back to the launcher. http://paste.ubuntu.com/12697509/
  5. hello, today i started playng tekkit with my friend after a long life at technic pack 1.2.5 that was really fun but the thing that i found was that there wasn't any arboretum any logistic pipe, tha last one is more important. i started to search something to fix this with my friend and we found something but when we put mods in the game crashes when you start it, someone can help me? thanks
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