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  1. I went on IRC and got some guidance there - which was the same as yours. Apparently it's likely a failed update of the launcher. This worked for me - redownloading the launcher and putting it somewhere other than my .technic launcher http://www.technicpack.net/download it's working for me now. Thank you for your help Munaus
  2. I got this error when I tried to launch Technic today. " Your OS has prevented this relaunch from completing. You may need to add an exception in your security software." I have NO idea what this means or why I am getting it. I have changed Nothing with my OS, or my "security software" - there hasn't even been an update today of said software. It's not windows specific, because I see someone on reddit with the same problem who is on a mac. Also, the launcher icon on my desktop disappeared after that fail and error message. ?? (so odd.) I am unable to go into my security software to add an ex
  3. Thank you, in the future I will. It turns out that, for whatever reason, it was just That modpack, and deleting / reinstalling the pack fixed the problem. I had been playing on it an hour before this occurred, so maybe when I left the game something saved wrong? I don't know. At any rate, it's fixed now, and may help others when they randomly run into this problem on a pack that worked previously.
  4. So I hit play, and the little loadbar in the bottom of the Technic launcher loads, and then the launcher closes (all is well so far) but instead of the Minecraft client opens, the Technic launcher just opens again. I have tried changing the setting to leaving the launcher open- which just makes it look like nothing is happening at all. This is the pastebin from the console when I try to load my modpack. If you can tell me where else to look for a crash report (i didn't find one anywhere) then let me know and I will supply this too. http://pastebin.com/D8Pe3kdC (I notice that there is a new i
  5. Same is happening to me - and I was just playing successfully a couple hours ago. It's not that i need to revert to Java 7 (seen in another thread) - it seems like the launcher is just being a jerk. Anyone have an answer to this? I can't rightly do my mod duties if technic won't launch my game.
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