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  1. Hello again, sorry for the late respone. I'm the server owner (but very new though). I can't craft the mining turtle via the normal crafthing table. I can make the turtle and wireless trutle, but the pick axe won't attach it to making it in to a mining turtle. However, if I have the p-stone in my hotbar and selected, and pressing C. It allows me to create it. Is this a bug or?
  2. I used regualr craftingtables, which didn't work. I didn't know I had to use the philosophy stone
  3. nevermind, found the error! :D
  4. Hello, me and my friends just installed a Tekkit 3.0.4 server, and its awesome. Just awesome! But we ran in to one problem, I can't seem to be able to make a mining turtle nor wireless mining turtle. I've followed the ingame recipe as well as the wiki, but nothing happens. I'm able to create the turtle and the wireless turtle, but not the mining one. Could anyone here point me in the right dirrection, please? :D
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