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  1. IGN: Rokas16 Age: 15 Skype (Optional): If get in i will say it to PM. What role will you play in the server? (What mods/skills are you good with?)Im a new guy on this modpack,so im searching who can teach me something. Are you going to record while on the server? (Not required)Nope. What would you do if you or someone else found an exploit or bug in the modpack?I would say it to our guys who is playing and report it on forum
  2. Hey boys anD girls im creating a private server with all moDs no plugins anD etc. If you feel intresteD in these things answer to this questions. 1.How olD are you ? 2.Do you can use microphone? 3.Can you use teamspeak client? 4.Are you are honest player? 5.Why i shoulD pick you not any next guy? 6.When you can play ? Answer this anD if i have some more questions i will ask you later. Peace!
  3. Hey, im searching a few guys to play for fun.Nothing speak to much if you wanna play or have some question write me in PM. We will talk about everthing.
  4. Im searching guys who can play with me and give me some advice on this modpack.
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