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  1. What is going on? It is saying that we were banned now, and beforehand it was saying something about a bunch of other mods that need to be installed.
  2. Alright XD Ill watch some youtube, I need to catch up anyway
  3. Yea It is still saying I am not white listed.. do you know why? XD Did you try /whitelist add TheVampiricT you could of mistyped or done a differ command.. EDIT: Yea even after you did another reset it is still not letting me on
  4. I've tried my account and it says I am not white listed... and I thought you may of done my alt, so I tried it and it says that I am not white listed.. soo yea XD
  5. Why Hello! I have been looking for a new Tekkit Legends server to play and I cannot find one to save my life that does not have many banned items XD They always have problems! And I was hoping to join a small community of other people that it is all trusted and we can prank others in a way to where it is just fun for all of us XD LIke Hermitcraft IGN: TheVampiricT Skype: VampiricT Timezone: EST US
  6. Oye, VampiricT here! So today, I setup my reactor from big reactors, a 5x5x9 with 5 control rods and cooled with Gelid Cryothium. The reactor makes about 10kRF/t. I have a program that is pretty small and monitors it and turns it on and off. I was wondering if someone could make me a computercraft program that has the following -Button control for manual - Fits a advanced monitor 3x3 Automatic detection Just send me a message if you would like to help.