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  1. Technic Page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/pitek-20 About PiTek PiTek 2.0 is a high tech custom modpack designed for balance and fun. It offers some of the major mods out in the Minecraft community, as well as some no-so-common ones that tweak gameplay to make it interesting. There are many mods to pursue, from BigReactors to Thaumcraft, and PiTek 2.0 has a lot of mods to let you invent, integrate, and obliterate your goals. Servers PiTek's official servers can be found in "Multiplayer" already by default. We currently have an EU, and US host, the EU host is still under development as we are currently looking for US, and EU builders. Our servers are pure forge, meaning we run no plugins, but that does not mean we dont have permissions, and protection. We use Forge Essentials, for ranking and various other things, and we use MyTown2 for grief protection/plot claiming. Removing the plugins allows for a huge jump in average TPS, using less overhead resources server side, thus allowing for a lag free environment. Rules 1. No griefing of any kind. 2. Be respectful of others. 3. Do not take advantage of any exploits/bugs, report them to staff. 4. Common sense goes a long way. 5. Staff has final descicion on everything. We are currently looking for more staff, ages 18+ needed in all areas from in-game to site administration and development. Apply here: http://goo.gl/forms/LC6oTs2nx9