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  1. yes i need someone to join me on my server im lonely
  2. IGN-NarksTv AGe-15 Skype-narkstv Friendly I am for I know the past future and present
  3. IGN (Minecraft name) -NarksTv Age -15 Why do you want to join this server? -Because I always wanted a small community of cool dudes and stuff to play explore maybe gambel a little with u know the usual and this seems like a fine server to start don't u agree How often would you play? -around once a day but will be off for certain weekends doing stuff Do you use TeamSpeak? -don't have one but I can get it Any other info you feel is necessary -I have horrible grammar and spelling and if u don't hea my voice ud think I was 8 that how bad I am also love building and overcomplicating things thx for the chance and goodnight