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  1. Every non-official modpack I try to download will download like 0% - 1% and then stop downloading. If I install one of the official modpacks they download with no problem. This only seems to happen with non-official modpacks that I've tried to install (such as Ultra Modded Survival, Arcania, Realm of Mianite). Anyone else having this problem? Something up with the Technic servers or launcher? *update* So I tried it again on Ultra modded pack and it again got stuck at 1% for a very long time, but then after about 10 mins it moved up to 7% and got stuck there for another 10 minutes and every now and then it would make some progress and get stuck again at various spots. It got stuck at 33% for like a solid 25 minutes, and a few other spots for over 10 minutes. Eventually it all downloaded but it took like an hour and 20 minutes. Other similar sized packs take me 5 minutes or less to download. There's definitely something up with the technic launcher or the servers that the modpacks are being downloaded from. *update 2* ...And then the modpack crashes on launch every time...I seem to always have problems with technic launcher. I download and play modpacks with FTB, AT, & Curse launchers all the time with no problems. Almost everytime I try using the technic launcher I either get A) Modpack downloads but crashes or is unplayable due to insane lag, or (B) Modpack won't download.
  2. Well this all happened in the same chunk so it's not that. They were all right next to each other actually.
  3. I had this weird problem getting power to my pulverizer. I had my steam dynamo filled up with RF, but I couldn't get it into my pulverizer. I tried all manner of positions etc..Tried with leadstone energy conduit and without. Nothing worked. Then on one of many attempts it worked...I first thought (wrongly) "oh the steam dynamo has to be upside down to work??" (it was the first time I had used a steam dynamo lol and it only started transferring power when I turned it upside down!). But then after a couple hours of it working, it all of a sudden stopped transferring power again (I'm not sure if its the dynamo that's bugging or the energy conduit or both or something else!). This is obviously a bug, the steam dynamo was filled with RF and was in the exact position and working just a few minutes earlier. Nothing had changed with the dynamo or the energy conduits or the two machines that were attached to it. It was simply working one minute and then the next power stopped flowing from the dynamo to the pulverizer and my redstone furnace. I'm just wondering if this is a known bug with a known fix. I don't see any point in continuing my game if machines are randomly going to stop working. If it's an easy fix I'd like to check out AotBT a bit more...I was only into it a few hours.
  4. There's definitely a bug going on. I have had the pulverizer and also the redstone furnace hooked up to the steam dynamo and working fine for the last few hours and all of a sudden it stopped working, giving me the same problem as before. Oh well, done with the AotBT modpack I guess...
  5. I finally got it to work...it's strange but just flipping the steam dynamo upside down caused it to work.....I do see steam being generating and the RF buffer filling up, so I'm not sure what you mean by "you can't make steam", I just did. Water + solid fuel in steam dynamo = steam (yes I am playing AotBT). For some reason RF wasn't transferring from the steam dynamo to the pulverizer when I for example had the steam dynamo right-side-up with leadstone energy conduit connected to the pulverizer. As I said above, when I flipped the steam dynamo upside down....it started transferring RF finally....something weird is going on.
  6. Well...don't know if anyone will notice this real post in the ocean of spam by that moron, but if so can someone please tell me how do I power my pulverizer? I can't get the steam dynamo to power it, I've tried putting the pulverizer next to it, on top of it, i've tried using the leadstone cable or whatever it's called. I saw a person on youtube power it by just sitting it on top of the steam dynamo, but it doesn't work for me (the video was old though so i figured maybe it's been changed since then). The wiki says an engine must be used by I see no such engines in the NEI. I then though I'd make a leadstone energy cell and power the cell with the dynamo and then pulverizer with the cell, but of course the cell requires electrum...which requires the pulverizer. I see no way to power the pulverizer....?? I am somewhat a MC newb, but have used the pulverizer before as well as many other machines and mods by playing ftb modpacks.
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