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  1. My friend and I are making a modpack and it includes XtraBlocks mod (Got the mod writter's permission ) However the mod is designed to work with a resource pack, so how can I make it so that a resource pack is enabled by defaut?
  2. I am making a custom modpack for a small server, because most people on the server don't have the best graphics. I thought it was be a good idea to have the default graphic setting to be more friendly to less powerful computers. Such as set number of chunk to render to 8 and graphics to be fast, etc. I don't plan on locking the graphic settings, just have the defaults changed. Is there a way on how to do this?
  3. I am making a modpack for a server I run. One of the mods I plan on using has a recommendations to put in a java parameter when starting up minecraft. Now I know how to do this in the vanilla launcher, but the question is. Is there a way so that parameters is set by default when the Mod Pack I am currently creating is shared with other people. The parameter is basically just setting minecraft to use a min of 2 GB of ram.