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  1. I was on a Voltz server setting up a fission reactor so I could power my base. But I left the reactor with the breeder fuel rod in it, and it had a melt down. I rebuilt it and kept an eye on it, when my piston pushed my control rod next to the reactor, it failed to stop the reactor and it kept heating. Please help me! Thanks! P.S. I was using Voltz 2.0.4. My voltz version won't update so updating won't help.
  2. I was playing on Voltz version 2.0.4 on nice little server, I had just made some power armor and a power fist. When I selected my power fist on my hot bar, my hot bar started flashing endlessly. I ignored it and went on to making my power armor tinker table, but when I opened the tinker table, the whole screen started flashing (Like this) and I could not play Voltz. If you’re going to tell me to play a newer version of Voltz, forget it. I can’t run any other version. I can only run the recommended version. Please help me find a solution! Thank you!