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  1. Hi! Thank you in advance for your consideration. So... I've got this Soartex texture pack loaded, and I log into a server with Tekkit. Everything looks great. Until... I head into the village and find this one villager with some vanilla-like skin. NP. I can copy a skin texture from another villager, make a couple of changes, rename it, and throw it into the right folder and all will be wonderful again. Right? First, I can't begin to fathom what this guy is. The kid in the house scoured the village before I logged in, and I have no idea what this dude was associated with. All I know is that he's got some purple robes with a gold stripe down the front and he's not a priest- I found the villagers in the priest suit milling around elsewhere in the village. Anyone know who this dude is and what mod he comes from? Is there a list of villager mobs that are in Tekkit with it's current set of resource packs? Thanks, KT