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  1. Hey! I wanted to report something. The new update of Tekkit Legends wont let me join the server, its apparently rejecting ALL of the mods. Just wanted to say that! Incase you didint know. Even as you probably wont respond or see this..
  2. You said reply to apply, I didint see any format for a application. I mean, i did reply before, and I explained some things. When will I be whitelisted? Im excited. Should I use the exact same application, just enter in my info? Please respond ASAP.
  3. Hey I want to apply! As i said in my previous comment, I have lots and lots of experience as a administraitor on multiple big servers. I want to help out and I feel i can help alot! Please give me a chance. IGN: memristor
  4. Hey uh, I wanna help! Id be glad to help create and help with plugins, administrating the server and such! I hope i can help, may i? I've administrated many big servers before, and I hope to do the same here! I'd be happy to help out anyone! Hopefully you see this.. My IGN Is memristor My email is [email protected] Feel free to email me or MSG me!
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