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  1. Hello Tekkit Legends players! My name is Centres. I own a new Tekkit Legends server, However i do see some server already. BUT this server isn't the same. Changes: We have Crates, Ever wanted a rank without donating for kits or perms! Yes so have i before however i now bring you ranks you get get for FREE! 100% free with kits and cool perms! All you need to do is play a certain ammount of time to be promoted! Why pay for ranks? I don't believe in it. I feel game play should be even for everyone! You get a starter pack and more packs will be comming soon. We have ALL TYPES of grief off. Use a golden shovel to protect your land! (This will be in your starter pack) and it will give you a link if you need help claiming land. We also made it so you can lock even all sorts of chests and quarries! Yes thats right modded items! You will be 100% safe from griefers. Currently we only have 4 items banned which all cause grief. Which are no good to anyone who wants a civil time on the server.7 We hope to see you on and even mini-games will be added soon! Hope you all have a great day and thanks for checking the server out. Website isn't ready yet however i own a tekkit 1.6.4 network and the website is if you want to check that out. I am a experienced mod guy and solve ANY sorts of server crashing! If the server crashes it will take me no longer than 15 mins to fix it. Even if its a mod bug or issue. The ip to the server is Hope you all have a good day and please note i am adding a shop soon. The server is only 4 hours old! Thanks for reading and enjoy!