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  1. During my playtime on a server, I thought of ways to store my enormous power (64 VI Solar Panels from Solar Flux does that) and I found out about Zetta Industries via searching battery in nei. After hunting the internet for documentation on the mod such as a wiki or spotlight, I discovered nothing besides a reddit post and some vague pictures entailing what the finished battery looks like. Thankfully, from similar mechanics as BIg Reactors I found out how it should be built (it told me what to do when i right-clicked the frame). Once I built the battery multi-block I discovered I could not input power through the power taps on the top. I'm not sure whether there is a mod missing, personal error, or server problems but I honestly have no idea how to use these batteries. Main point if you wanna skip the backstory: How can I input power into a Zetta Battery? And truly a waste too, over 1 giga-rf of storage