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  1. Pretty good server. Some silly rules such as no free items. I also wish there were more ways to get money. Other than that i love the server. My IGN is OgE_Twitch
  2. Many thank! It worked right after i did what you said! Thank you so much!
  3. So I had the technic launcher in the past, for about 3 or 4 years, and I would play it a lot on and off. I stopped playing it for a while and my computer auto updated to windows 10. When it did I felt the urge to play tekkit classic, so i start up the launcher and proceed to try and launch tekkit classic. When i got to the modpacks tab and pressed play on tekkit classic the launcher loaded and downloaded everything it needed to like normal, but after it was done downloading and installing everything the launcher disappeared as if the game was starting up but after a split second the launcher p
  4. My computer has 8gb of ram and 2gb of which are dedicated towards the technic launcher. When i go to play tekkit legends, however, I press F3 and it says i only have 495 MB of ram. This causes many lag spikes, so many that it is unplayable. Before the ram fills up i have 95 fps then the ram fills and i have 23 fps. Anybody have a fix?
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