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  1. Aspier, maybe next time you can express your issues on our website and teamspeak instead of here. This mod pack needs work so expect hackers trying to hack and accuse the staff. Map crashed again so until its stable please be aware.
  2. Those who posted your in game name will get a reward next time i am online please speak out to me and join or Teamspeak. thanks
  3. Pedonymous i was told you were unbanned. 1. you must understand this is a new mod plus its clearly stated its underdevelopment. Our Admins would not have banned you unless you deserved it. If you want,feel free to join our Teamspeak and discuss your frustration. thanks
  4. **************This Server is in Development / Testing Mode***************** Welcome to the Tekkit Server Generic Gaming is a great server. We have been in the minecraft/tekkit business for the past year. We have a great staff that's willing to help you learn tekkit. Join in now to experience a new wave of minecraft. Server IP or Teamspeak Server Website Server Hardware Running a dedicated server in a premium data center located in Maryland USA CPU Two X5660 and 16 gig ram Bandwidth 1000/1000 up/down Plugins As of now nothing.... Just straight Voltz gents :-) Cool Stuff We Give out random items as perks to players late at night. These could be items such as coffee or bread or even rare items NONE !!!! ...but expect this to change as we continue Photos ***Please keep in mind our VOLTZ server is in development and the map may need to be restarted if we find any critical issues**** ****Currently disabled the use of mystcraft linkbooks and writing desks due to its ability to make additional worlds****
  5. When the new tekkit does come out . We will upgrade but keep the same map so no worries gents
  6. NEW MAP... Fresh start , if you had previous epic builds in the old map you want pulled into the new one you can request it from me