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  1. So a simple question: I wanted to play Hexxit again after quite a while now and I saw that there is a new version in the technic launcher, version 2.0.1b. I don't want to hear anything about "but this is a beta", I get that there is a new Hexxit coming out soon. When now pressing "a specific version" in the Modpack Options, I can choose the 2.0.1b version but when then pressing "install" after closing the Modpack Options Windows again, it installs 1.0.10. When looking into the Modpack Options again, it just put the option back to "recommended version". This goes for ALL Modpacks, official and unofficial ones. Always when trying to install a different version than the recommended ones, it doesn't work, while that was absolutly no problem in the old versions of the technic launcher. Is there any way to fix this? Im running Windows 10, 64bit and Java 8 Update 60. Stable Launcher.