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  1. Hi whenever I try to load a server is gives me the error: Connection Lost Mod rejections [FMLMod:additionalpipes{4.6.0}] It wont let me disable this mod in the mods menu either Nevermind
  2. Good news it fixed itself magically After the 3rd time I reinstalled Java it started working again for no reason thanks anyway for the help sorry to bother you -thebjmax1
  3. well I tried to upload to igmur but it wont work there is no error message when trying to load up the launcher but the compatibility troubleshooter just says incompatible program all I get when double clicking or running as admin for the launcher is a loading wheel then nothing not even an error message nothing happens here is the compatibility troubleshooter though
  4. Well I didn't get anything in %appdata% and nothing happens when I ran it but I put the program in the Compatibility troubleshooter it says it is not compatible with Windows so maybe that will help.
  5. Also in case you need it my OS and Java Version OS: Windows 8.1 Enterprise Java SE Runtime Version 8u60
  6. I may be having a driver issue with my E:\ Where I had it previously installed but I deleted it and reinstalled it it should have installed back to my C:\ correct?
  7. Well I left it for 10 minutes and nothing happened the logo never even showed up and I then tried as admin but the same thing happened after I left that for 10 minutes as well I think I may have found a log that was hiding here it is it is a nativelog.txt nativelog.txt I looked through the log and it seems it is a vanilla launcher log not technic
  8. Hi I'm a new forum user but I need help I've been playing the technic launcher on my PC for about 2 years now and it all of a sudden doesn't work anymore. Here's the info you asked for. Type of bug: Launcher bug Reproduction rate: 10/10 times Steps to reproduce: double click techniclauncher.exe Expected results: launcher should open and display the modpacks screen Observed results: nothing happens Logs: there is not even a .technic folder anymore I deleted it to try reinstalling it but nothing has worked and it does not create a .technic folder Please help I want to play tekkit with my friends
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