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  1. I've been in many tekkit legends servers, most of them almost empty and boooring, then i've found this server, since then i've never leaved it, its the only one with at least 50 players daily, the only one with kind mods/admins, the only one who gives you rewards for playing, the only one for everything, i can assure you, you will get tons of fun, come on, join us, it costs you nothing
  2. Well my problem is the following, i play in a few legend servers and all gives me the same problem, i use a spain spanish keyboard (not the latin american one), a few minutes (could be 5, 15, or half hour) after playing, the layout of my keyboard changes from spanish to US english, i mean if for example my interrogation key in my spanish keyboard is just 2 keys left from backspace, it changes to the one next to right shift as in the US layout, could this be a tekkit legends bug, or what could it be?, i found this really annoying, because i got to touch every each key to find the right one, plz
  3. Excelent server!!!, the only one with more than 10 players everyday , good players, good admin/mods, you earn stuff and money by voting, what more can i say, simply the best
  4. Well, i've installed the new updated today (1.0.8) then i installed optifine plugin (in mods folder), yesterday it worked fine to me in 1.0.7, but now the game crash when i load any server, i tried the last 2 versions of optifine for 1.7.10 but the game keeps crashing, and without optifine the game is to laggy to me, what should i do?
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