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  1. Welcome To Bacon Paradox287! You'll find the player count's a little low right now cause Fall Out 4 happened (I myself have it Alt-Tab'd as I type this). But as always I'm on our mumble if you have any questions or need any help.
  2. Welcome To Bacon zhamann If you have any questions or need any help you can join our mumble the IP of which I've just PM'd you.
  3. [Custom Modpack like TPPI2, 18+ Whitelist, Mumble] Bacon Gaming Like Bacon? Like Minecraft? Come join us! We've been hosting Bacon Gaming for almost a year now and we're still going strong with no world rollbacks/wipes/or incidences of griefing with our current map. At present we have roughly 6-8 active members, average age is 26, and are looking to expand. We haz a custom modpack based on the balance of TPPI2 stuffed full of additional bacon, MyTown to make and protect your Town of Bacon, MinePay to earn money doing things such as mining or killing mobs to pay for your bacon, SignShop to sell
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