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  1. Cheers hankat, glad you like it We try our best to keep lag to a minimum! See you online!
  2. PREMADE | TEKKIT LEGENDSJOIN TODAY | WEBSITE | WHO ARE WEPremade is upcoming gaming community! Ran by gaming enthusiasts who want to provide a high quality gaming experience in a thriving community. Our staff members are all seasoned Server Admins, Graphic Designers & Gamers . Our newest addition being Tekkit Legend, a classic revamped with all the favourites. We are currently hiring! Check out the website if you think you've got what it takes GAME INFORMATIONPlayer vs. Player orienated game play with collaborative protection. You are allowed to greif and pvp outside of protected areas. Protected areas are expensive! To get around the cost of protection you should team up with other players in cities and share the cost. We use the plugin GreifPreventionPlus & GriefPreventionPlus Cities as protection/factions, when you first join the server you can not create claims. Once you have played for 5 hours* you will be promoted to Member, only then will you have access to claims. To start off you can have the option to join someone else's claim or city, or you can be randomly teleported to somewhere on the map. You can then make a secret base until you have played for the required amount of time to access the protection plugins. Read our gameplay thread for more information. SERVER RULES - Latest version on our websiteGreifing is allowed but only in non protected areas.No stealing items from inside claims.No bypassing protection.PvP is allowed in non protected areas only. This means no PvP inside claims.No using exploits, dupes or hacked clients.Avoid laggy builds, they will be removed without warning.No spamming, advertising or use of inappropriate language in chat. BANNED ITEMS - Latest version on our websiteTeleport TetherDark Matter PedestalNova CatalystNova CataclysmTNT Cart (Railcraft)Lightening RedSunrayModified Power KnucleNether BelowsAqua AcceleratorSilk n SpinnerWatch of Flowing TimeUndercutter Cart