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  1. I have been enjoying tekkit for some time now but I have been really hoping for a mod pack similar to tekkit but in a more recent version of Minecraft, is there one out there? I have been searching all day with no results.
  2. Skins arnt loading when i go into my world, they sometimes show in the main menu of the game before i load into my world but thats it, they work in other modpacks fine.
  3. Titel says it all i equipped it whena diamond tipped drill and a scanner as well as pipes but it wont drill down despite consuming power
  4. Im having an issue with my miner, i equipped it with a drill and a scanner as well as pipes how ever it will not go farther down then one block below it. Is there a way to fix this?
  5. Ive been having these happening to me randomly mostly crashing after a few minuets of play and i have no idea how to stop it.
  6. Not much else to say, the game keeps crashing to the desktop shortly after loading it into a game
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