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  1. Hey everyone, today I want to report a bug with the Electrolyzer. This bug was found with the Tekkit Legends Modpack, but I also tried the mod "alone", so I was sure that there weren't any issues concerning configs and stuff like that. The problem is, that when the Electrolyzer containing a water cell, is connect to full Energy Storage Block, it does consume the Energy (almost empty), but doesn't give out the Electrolyzed Energy Cell. To make sure that make setup is not wrong, I did the same thing with the "original" IC2 and it worked. I hope you can look into this issue soon, so the modpack can be updated with a fixed version. (Electrolyzer not working · Issue #143 · TinyModularThings/IC2Classic · GitHub) As you can read in the Bug Report, it seems that the the update of the Industrical Craft Classic already got this bug fixed, but the mod isn't updated in the Modpack yet. Hope you guys can update the pack soon, because it's required for some machines. -InterstellarFish
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