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  1. Is anyone even playing on the server? I haven't seen anyone for days..
  2. Okay, I forgot tho :/ Didn't play Tekkit for a long time.. Do you know for a good manual on tekkit or something like that? Which cable is used for transfering electricity? There's no glass fibre cable
  3. Ehm there's no treecap, copper cable and some more stuff... Maybe some mods got corrupted?
  4. Great thank you Btw as I reinstalled tekkit, all my waypoints got removed.. Could you please tell me our spawn coordinates cuz I got a bit lost.. UPDATE -Nvm, I somehow managed to find it ok
  5. Can a girlfriend of mine play with us Haematite? Her nickname is SamuelAnton [It's her brothers account :P]
  6. Failed to login: Bad Login? ISSUE SOLVED :] -Problem with my launcher, had to reinstall
  7. AGE : 16 IGN : DeRock_ Reason : I got some free time and have no one to play minecraft with atm :/
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