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  1. Hey! You have been accepted! Tell me your IGN and i'll whitelist you! Also since you mentioned tekkit classic...... i kind of put this in the wrong forum so its a tppi server...
  2. Hey mineknight103! You are happily accepted! Server ip is leahsawesomeworld.tk and i whitelisted you there
  3. ey! Are you looking for a server to play on that isn't commercial? Or just want to hang out with cool people? Leah's awesome TPPI server fulfills that need! I'm hosting a 8 TPPI server that is whitelisted and for a few people It has awesome plugins and a nice tech support guy that likes to hang out at the server (just kidding the tech support guy isn't really a tech support guy and he's my techy friend) (omg pazi are you mad at me now) EDIT: THE SERVER ISN'T WHITELISTED ANYMORE! IP IS Leahsawesomeworld.tk Crap wrong forum MODS CAN YOU MOVE THIS TO THE TPPI SERVERS
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