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  1. Hi, Thanks for reacting. The problem still persist till this day, i tried it with the 4GB of ram and observed it, in total all the processes got about 2.5 GB in use and still i get 1 to 2 frames in the main menu screen. Its really weird cause the normal MC via MC ( so not via a tech launcher or so) I get 200FPS. I ran out of options a while ago
  2. (First I can't find a topic of this so I don't really know where to post this) Since a couple of weeks I am experiencing massive lag at all modpacks, It start with the main menu, this one already lags to ***** about 2 FPS, normal minecraft is no problem and I run that with about 120-200 FPS. If i pause the game it jumps up to 120 FPS, when I open it up 0FPS..... strange, I have tried 1 GB up to 2,5 GB of RAM allocated. Also tried all Java versions but none of them change anything. even tried it with Java argments butt even that doesn't change anything. my logs are reporting nothing weird that it is skipping tickets or anything like that... I also tried to reinstall Java,Minecart,technic launcher and even my PC. Ran CC cleaner, all virus scans and they all came up with nothing. Also updated all of my drivers and they are now all up to date. I will list my PC specifications underneath. OS: Windows 10 RAM: 12 GB DirectX: 12 Video card: GeForce GTX960m 4GB dedicated So i don't know what else I can do now, I hope any of you can help me with this
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