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  1. Does anyone know of a texture pack (preferably 16x, although I can resize or edit a bigger one) that has minimal armor? I like my skin and I don't want a bunch of armor hiding it. I've been replacing all the armor textures with blank .pngs, but some kind of indicator for what kind of armor is being worn would be nice.
  2. If TFC is added would there be a pre-assembled server available on this site, like the Tekkit server is?
  3. Here's hoping it comes back for Tekkit 3 / Technic 7!
  4. Just tried 2.1 and MFR still isn't in it, so I assume it was removed on purpose :(
  5. Steel, the factory hammer, and all of the machines and conveyor belts aren't in the game
  6. Tried that, they always smelt into Tin ore no matter what I set them to be. I assume this is because they're all called Nether Tin Ore, even though they have the appearance of other nether ores.
  7. The nether ores mod is generating 'bad' ores that won't smelt into their regular counterparts. 135:0 (nether coal) through 135:7 (nether tin) will all smelt normally, but anything higher like 135:8, 12, and 14 will not smelt. They're all called "Nether Tin Ore" and appear to be duplicates of other ores (8 is an unsmeltable nether coal, 9 is an unsmeltable nether diamond). Using /item I can even get stuff like 135:1000, another unsmeltable nether coal.
  8. I'd also like to know why MFR isn't in tekkit. Was it a deliberate choice, or was it just forgotten?
  9. the -Xmx3G and -Xms2G arguments/switches are probably causing the problem. They tell java to use between 2-3GB of ram, and you don't have that much on your laptop. You should theoretically be able to change them to -Xmx512M -Xms512M, but your server won't be able to handle much.