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  1. UPDATE: all pumps have been banned due to lag in nether except ender-thermatic pump witch is not banned because it replaces lava block with a block
  2. UPDATE: server has had a changed ip to and plugins has now been added to server
  3. SERVER IP: ( The Less bad people play the less items will be banned ) GENERAL RULES: - No griefing - No Hacking - No Cheating - No Harrassment - No Spamming - No asking to be admin MODS REMOVED: mystcraft PLUGINS ADDED: chestshop/grief prevention/ we/wg/time is money/set home also known as essentials
  4. join today 11/26/15 and recieve a free stack of a gift of your choice
  5. i am looking for 3 players to play on the server willing to live and work together and willing to put alot of effort into building a town to protect including shops ect plugins include chestshop w/e w/g and soon chest protection if you want to join please add wallycricket1986 to skype for a full interview