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  1. Hello Heyitsbentley, Something is going wrong with your Build Craft Core. Please go to : -> %appdata% -> .technic -> modpacks -> [Modpackname] and delete the Mods Step by step to see wich will bring up the Error. You also can tell me the Name of the Modpack and Ill check this There could be also an another error: Youre using a 32 Bit system and the modpack could required more than 1 GB Ram. Best Regards ManuXz
  2. About the Modpack Adventure and Survive 2.0 - Over 90 Mods - More Food - More Dungeons and Ships - More Weapons and Armors - More Animals - Some Magic's (Thaumcraft, BloodMagic, Witchery) - Maybe Quests in the future! ....... etc. Discover the World with different eyes Why you should play this Server? -Freebuildmap, 4 x Battletower/Farmmaps,Buy Ranks, Permissions, Kits and more -An awesome starterkit, Sell Coins or other Items to trade at the Shop -You are allowed to 'Fly' and many many more Features How to play on the Server 1. Open you're TechnicPack launcher 2. Paste the following link in to the search bar using ctrl (strg)+ v ( http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/adventure-and-survive-20 ) 3.then you should find the Modpack: Adventure and Survive 2.0 4. Click on install->play and just press on *Join the Server* Need help? -Modpack page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/adventure-and-survive-20 -Website: https://unitedworldminers.com/ -Ticket Support: https://ticket.unitedworldminers.com/ -A Page with much information : http://adventureandsurvive.tumblr.com/ Server IP is included to the Client!!!! Adventure and Survive Link.html
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