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  1. Recently set up my ME Assembly Chamber, making crafting easier to do automatically. As long as you have 0 of the item you need - you can set the Assembler to make as many as you need,as long as you have the materials in your ME System.
  2. Great Server, Great Community I love playing here, everybody is nice and there's no lag on the server either! Highly recommend!
  3. It's been a time since I was mining a because my mining lasers and my quarry are getting me a lot of materials but for the fun I started doing it again!
  4. Yeah, I made a space station I told myself I will not, but I made it because why not I'm gonna store some stuff there probably, the space station will be like when I come back from the moon or mars to take a break there
  5. My force field is massive it protects my whole base + a tiny island and my mining lasers made me a fortune didn't even realize
  6. I tried my luck on the moon, but this time I died and lost my rocket and my stuff, but I made it all again never going on the moon again!,
  7. My friend and I are building an awesome structure just for fun and it's looking pretty good can't wait to finish and see what to do inside of it!
  8. If me and a friend finish our mining lasers we should get 86400 ore a day how cool is that We use the fusion reactors to power the lasers and it generates a lot of power!
  9. Found a big mine shaft full of oil and reproduce it into fuel now I have enough fuel to go to the moon whenever I want.My mining lasers are doing great getting me a lot of ores thinking about making my reactor bigger maybe.
  10. Compressing ingots to make a rocket is boring but exploring the moon is exciting and I hope to find an unraided dungeon so I can get me some good stuff!
  11. All the effort I made in my base was for nothing... haha I moved with friends and finished their house we have tons of ores and machines its looking awesome! Soon we will finish our ME room.
  12. After a few days of work I have now everything I need the basic machinery, quarry, big reactor.. My next goal should be going to the moon and getting resources to get to Mars.
  13. Used all my iron to finish my reactor, but thanks to the minimum stone I could change some gold to iron that saved me a lot of mining!Finished expanding my reactor and the house is going to stay like it is i find it nice I'm just going to make some more rooms for machineries and so on!
  14. Ooh a fresh new start I just love how we all got starter kits that helped us a lot.I actually got me a small reactor running by now and I'm still mining ores to get mats for other machineries.My team mate got a mining laser and he's getting us materials too soon I will make a bigger reactor and a bigger house!
  15. I love these new changes on the server <3 and I made me some laser drills now I don't even have to mine never again ^^ still searching for some blizz to catch it and make a farm but they are super hard to find.