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  1. Welcome to our tekkit server. We are a faction server which means the raiding of other players is allowed. Use the power of Tekkit to become the strongest faction on the server. We proud ourselves on very few banned items to allow people to discover Tekkit to its maximum. Our server IP: Our discord sever: https://discord.gg/0fZhVuVPGzTgIYm2 Our rules: 1) All attacks on other bases can only occur when another player from there faction is online. 2) Attacks are authorized, but harassment is not. Choose your targets carefully and don't attack newer factions unless provoked. 3) We like friendly competition but we would ask that you show respect in the chat. 4) All exploits shall result in the offender being banned. 5) No use of modded clients is permitted
  2. I believe it was a moderator going a bit rogue. Even i have been banned from my own server. Going to have to sort this out and see what has happened actually in the world
  3. We have just had an economy overhaul and unlinked emc values from it by removing the admin shop. Money is now earned by jobs in game. This also means that we have done a global reset on all balances to compensate We have just had an economy overhaul and unlinked emc values from it by removing the admin shop. Money is now earned by jobs in game. This also means that we have done a global reset on all balances to compensate
  4. Hi, The reason you were banned has been explained and your ban shall not be removed. For your information we got complaints of griefing from another player and after investigating we found you had ransacked his place. If you want to make this public, fine but please ensure that you have all the facts first. Thanks, Froddo
  5. Due to recent changes, Power armor is now unbanned
  6. We have closed the creative world until the 26th of December. After this point, we will have completed our transition and will be able to open the creative world. On the plus side, power armor and quarrys are now enabled within the game
  7. Big update happening. We have opened the creative world and are moving survival players to a new world. We are closing off the current survival world on the 26th December. After this any property outside the area will be lost
  8. To compliment our economy plugins, we have just added a new feature, auctioning. You can now sell all of your stuff at any price to other players. Since this plugin dosen't normally support mods, we are manually adding all items into the auction house. This means while it is possible to auction every item, sometimes the item will be shown as unknown. If this happens, contact an moderator so we can add this item to the list
  9. Due to recent complaints about client side lag, we have decided to ban the crystal chest to try and reduce this. We actively encourage the usage of diamond chests instead as they have the same capacity and cause no lag on lower spec machines
  10. Just an update: we have recently fixed changed some emc values to stop some emc exploits. This is to balance out our economy and stop players getting end game gear within a few hours of playing
  11. Just added bounty onto monsters so you get rewarded for killing monsters. Awards can be modified based on the time of day, the biome and other values
  12. Just added a new anti-grief plugin which should compliment our current arsenal to ensure that no damage can be done to players structures
  13. help.mojang.com. Multiplayer services are down. Nothing I can do you just have to wait on mojang
  14. Just done another restart. I can't log into minecraft for me however to see if it's working
  15. One quick restart fixed the problem. Looked like a crash but no crash report
  16. Some bad news, we just identified a game breaking issue with red matter tools. As such we have had to ban the items from use. We are sorry for the inconvenience and all moderators/admins are refunding ingredients for the tools
  17. Just reset your inventory, and player position to spawn. You should be able to login now
  18. Is it just this server is is it every server you join edit: Just opened your inventory and crashed. Can you give a list of what items were in your inventory before any problems occured
  19. Unfortunately, we have had to ban turtles from the server due to them ignoring player claims entirely. We hope to make it so our anti-grief measures can protect against this little guy but till then, he has to remain banned
  20. Just fixed a problem with subdivisions not working in our plugin, meaning that players can now create towns within the server
  21. Claims have a been reset once, you can use a golden shovel to make a claim permanent. The chest protection is only a starting protection and expires after 2 days. We also had a small problem with a moderator grieving but it has been fixed now On a positive note,after lots of requests, we have implemented more ranks based on play time.
  22. Just had a look at your account on the server and have changed it back to the default after it somehow got set to a currently unused rank
  23. yeah sorry, broke something in the permissions but it has been fixed
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