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  1. So i am far enough into the game where i feel it is necessary to go through these towns that are around the world. I was able to make it into one building and find some suff, but the only problem is it feels like m weapons and armour are worthless here. I have a Prometheum sword and full iron armour and the mobs that have shields and swords kill me extremely fast, i havent even been able to kill a single one. Is there a recommended armour/weapon set that would work better in melee battle against these guys? Also, is there any way to grow the Bloom's that filter away the tainted land? There i
  2. Everytime i melt down the gold items(pickaxe,sword, etc.) from the Supplier quests it gets melted into a material called Angmallen
  3. Can i get some cords?? I need new materials like crazy, cant find gold anywhere
  4. So in fact you will need 1000mB in order to fill the bucket, so one of my casting tables is gonna be filled for a while ahahah, good luck with your Buckets of Blood!!!
  5. I have killed a cow, pig, and a chicken and also taken some damage to my person as well, i have 170/1000mB of Blood in the casting table with the bucket still empty on the casting table, ill take a screenshot
  6. Okay, so i have read a similar topic but havent gotten any useful information what so ever from the forum. I understand from some tinkering around that a bucket needs to be placed into a casting table, then the liquid can be poured through the drains to fill the bucket. For a Bucket full of blood do i need to have 1000mB of Blood? Meaning i need to kill at least 100+ mobs in the smeltery in order to obtain this? It seems kind of ridiculous to me, so lets talk about it!!
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