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  1. uh.. why cant i type, message anyone, break blocks or use commands? tried on both of xrole and lordside
  2. uh.. just maybe i just screwed up again. could you remove the power armor from my inv again? x)
  3. hey froddo i just got kicked again lol, i think it's the power armor thats causing it. could you remove all of the power armor on both lordside and xrole?
  4. i tried again but it didnt work so i reinstalled the technic launcher and mod pack. still doesnt work :/
  5. its just this server. i got into 3 other servers on 1.1.0. im not that technological so i have no idea how to solve this it says internal server error if that can help
  6. hey, everytime i try to log in i get a glimpse of the game and get dcd. im on 1.1.0, have you updated the server to it? i tried logging in on 1.0.10 but it didnt work either
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