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  1. well according to their site theyre all up and ready to go!
  2. apparently their authentication systems are down so what decides that your account is a paid account to let you play i presume? but i cant join any servers because of it. so not sure if they're being Ddossed or are just doing maintenence
  3. Is anyone else experiencing problems trying to log onto minecraft? when i try and join a server it tells me that the authentication servers are undergoing maintenance.
  4. thats fine, we could just join a random one till i get the money to host one
  5. Hey everyone who is reading this, My name is Patrick, I am looking for people who would be willing to play Tekkit legends with me, I dont care how old you are but 14+ would be preferred. I am 20 years old myself. I do have skype: SPORTS-FAN1995 and my IGN is GOLDENEAGLES123. hoping to hear from someone soon!
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