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  1. Id really like to learn computercraft but im too much of a pleb to be able to use it.. yet. The community is still great and holding strong which is nice. I did figure out how to autocraft potions without using the autobrewer, which was pretty cool. Made every useful potion autocrafted. Love the server still
  2. Ive been on the server for a couple of days now, and i joined a friend who had already made and established a base. I fixed up his machines and made em less laggy and look nicer, and he made the actual buildings and decorations. Its kind of how our stuff is now. Things ive done in the past week and a half: Set up an autocrafting system to autocraft whatever we need, Terraform a cold biome to be able to spawn blizzes easier, Catch a blizz finally "YES!" Kill about 6 wither bosses, make a reactor out of blazing pyrothium (because why not), make a trading outpost in our base with villagers and music. Gonna make a 16x16x16 reactor full of gelid cyro soon hopefully. Oh, and i began the process to a Pseudo-Inversion sigil. Wish me luck