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  1. Welcome to Bacon Pixels! Bacon Pixels adds a couple of extra mods to the typical Pixelmon experience. These mods are; Optifine (zoom zoom + better fps + easy shader install) Inventory Tweaks (need to change default controls in order to throw pokemon (Guide in game)) Iron Chests (bigger and better mass storage!) Storage Drawers (bigger and better single item storage!) Chisel Mod (aesthetics!) Biomes O' Plenty (seems to be somewhat typical nowadays) JEI (to see crafting recipes in game) MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod (aesthetics!!) Journey Map (A mini map is always nice) Iron Furnaces (Faster smelting!) Currently we have; Voting Rewards! Pokemon Hunts! Player Driven Economy! Keep Inventory! Unlimited Homes! Shiny Starters! Grief Prevention! Wonder Trade! Poke Events! The modpack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/bacon-pixels.1489408 The server is already installed in the modpack, so launch it and join on in!
  2. currently looking for admins to moderate the server, so if you think you'll make a good pick, please tell us why down below.
  3. Update: Currently got working plugins, will be looking into making them better for the server. Currently you can: - /randomtp To go somewhere random in the world to make a start for youself. - /sethome and /home to get home and what not. - There is also golden shovel claim to make sure people don't grief your hard work and dedication. Still looking for builders to help build a spawn for the server..
  4. This is just a base post to let people know and to get them on the server for now. 24/7 dedicated server. Friendly owner... You know.. what everyone says, lol. IP: You may PVP, but at the same time, Keep Inventory is on, so GLHF! CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR BUILDERS FOR A SPAWN THAT WILL GET COOL IN GAME ITEMS WHEN PROJECT IS COMPLETE. How to be apart of the spawn building? Post down below why you should, and I'll pick a few people from the reply's to help build. (pictures of previous buildings help) How To Join! 1) Install the 1.7.10 Pack (API(Copy and paste into technic launcher) http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/the-1710-pack ) 2) Launch the game. 3) Connect to the server! (IP ABOVE)
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