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  1. Hello guys i am searching Players who wants to Play with me i have a Server with 20 solt all of you can Play it is a tekkit legand Project who wants to Play with us can write a reply it in the froum you must write: Minecraft Name: For the whitlist i hope you will enjoy it.
  2. I and my Friend want Play on this Server because we love to Play with other Players and we love Tekkit Legends IGN: SgtHawk and SgtYolo01 Age: 16 and 16 Time Zone: Germany Name: SgtHawk and SgtYolo01# I hope we can Play on this Server it will be very cool:
  3. i and a friend wants Play on this Server because we love Tekkit Legend and we want play with other Players together and we come from Germany My Minecraft Name is SgtHawk The Minecraft Name of my Friend is SgtYolo01