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  1. I'd like to start off by saying I sincerely apologize if this is in the wrong spot or if this is a terribly noobish question. I'm brand new and this is all quite alien to me. Please have mercy! So I'm trying to download the Tekkit modpack. I tried searching in the search box under the modpack tab in the technic launcher, but only tekkit legends is popping up for me. Only a few games are listed off to the side for me. Not sure if this is normal, but anyway. When I go to to download the Tekkit modpack that way, there is no way to download anything because it says that tekkit is already included with the launcher. When I go into my .technic folder to look in the modpacks folder, there's no tekkit there either. I'm wondering if there is some step I'm missing or perhaps my technic launcher didn't install properly? I've tried reinstalling a couple of times and still I am unable to find the tekkit modpack to dl. I've tried running as administrator but no dice there either. Is Tekkit missing for some reason? Any help at all would be much appreciated! Thank you so much!