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  1. Ok so everything was working fine yesterday but now whenever i start up the server i get this message i haven't seen before. [12:37:13] [Thread-11/WARN] [FML/]: ============================================================= [12:37:13] [Thread-11/WARN] [FML/]: MOD HAS DIRECT REFERENCE System.exit() THIS IS NOT ALLOWED REROUTING TO FML! [12:37:13] [Thread-11/WARN] [FML/]: Offendor: org/luaj/vm2/lib/OsLib.exit(I)V [12:37:13] [Thread-11/WARN] [FML/]: Use FMLCommonHandler.exitJava instead [12:37:13] [Thread-11/WARN] [FML/]: ============================================================= Full Log: [1
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