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  1. Originally, I had a longer message that explained that the issue would be a minor inconvenience if not for the clearlagg plugin (because I seem to always die right before the countdown begins and the time for re-connecting cuts it very close), but then I got the "trouble connecting to server" page when trying to post it and re-made the post in a bullet-point level of detail. I have experienced this issue before on another server, but it was also a different mod pack. In both cases, they were servers started by members of the community for the vanilla server I play on, and I don't play on othe
  2. Hello, I'm playing on a legends server that is using an item-removal plugin on a timer (removes all items on the ground ever 'x' minutes), and have a problem whenever I get killed. I click respawn (bringing me to the world spawn), and the world refuses to load. The only thing that fixes the problem is re-connecting to the server. Is there something that I can do to fix the issue, or is it something server side?
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