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  1. A suggestion from players brought about this new command that helps players sell items faster to the server than the previous method. The Previous Method: Filling your inventory full of items and teleporting to AdminShop where you click a sign with predefined prices on. selling one stack at a time. Steps: Fill - Teleport - Find Sign - Click..Click..Click..Click..Click..Click..Click........ Teleport, repeat. Downsides: "Much-O-Teleport", having to teleport home and back every time. "Much-O-Click", Clicking a sign for each stack, until your inventory was empty.
  2. IP: play.keneti.com Rules: No spamming the chat with repeated messages, short unnecessary messages or in-game commands. No verbally abusing, harassing or bullying any other player or staff member. No bypassing the chat filter, using alternate characters or l33t speak swearing. No making Racist, Sexist or Ageist comments, those are taken seriously and offenders will be punished, even banned permanently. No promoting other servers that are not affiliated with Keneti Minecraft. Including, (not limited to) IP address, links, video, images or the name of the serve
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