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  1. I'd like to point out a few things here, as I feel you are severely misinterpreting my motives, and you seem to be confusing a few facts with some fiction. I am not hostile towards you or FTB because of Jam. In fact, nothing I feel towards you or the others has anything to do with him in any way, it just so happens that he is in the same boat as me and we feel the same way. As for Jam, he WAS an FTB developer, regardless if you were made aware of the fact or not. Slowpoke made him a developer because Jam was working with another member of the dev team (I believe his name was iBurnz? I cant remember for the life of me) on this project. None of the posts we made on your forums were troll posts. Everything we said, every argument and every word was nothing but fact or honest opinion. Jamromhem was not banned because he was trolling or because he was starting flame wars. In fact, last I recall, the conversations that were brought up in those threads were mostly respectable, intelligent, and utterly flame-free, until members of the dev team got involved and started trying to debase our claims and insult our intelligence. I only have 5 posts on your forums because, like I said, I only post when I have something to say that needs to be said. I will request that you do not assume to know why I do the things I do. And I will also ask that you cut the crap with this apparent concern for any "escalation" in this thread. You and the others of the dev team, including and especially Slowpoke, have already shown a clear disdain, if not utter hatred, for Tekkit. The post I made here on the Tekkit forums were not in any way meant to start flame wars or arguments. I made the post here to express my concerns with the issues with FTB. If other people cant voice their opinions or objections without causing complete and utter chaos, thats on them. The reason I didnt post anything on the FTB forums is because any time somebody says something against FTB, they get banned. And I'd like to add, while I'm at it, that it seems to me that very little of what you said was actually in "defense of your work". I feel like the rest of your post was a direct attack against me in an attempt to debase my claims and opinions and turn others against me. As for the other posts that claim I have no proof, or request proof, I can assure you all that I do indeed have proof for my claims. However, as of right now, I will not be releasing any of it until we decide its time. If anybody would prefer to avoid conversations on any claim I make that has not, until this time, been proven that is understandable and I accept that. Captainnana, if you would like to continue to be a part of this conversation I of course welcome your input, however I ask that you do so in a more respectable manner. I do not appreciate you coming here and treating me with the attitude shown in that post. Thank you. I'm sorry everybody that I have not been online lately. I am generally busy during the day, so I only have a limited time I can spend on forums and what not.
  2. Yeah I've noticed, but I had figured it would have been worth a shot. I mostly posted there because I assumed it was outside Slowpoke's range of authority. There was, however, some very intelligent conversations that were very enjoyable for the short time the thread was up, surprisingly. And thank you for the welcome =). ...You know, I find it REALLY funny that, given FTB's public reputation vs. Tekkit's public reputation, I have not received a warmer welcome on any other forum to date. Goes to show that you should never listen to the hype. I'm really glad I came here, thank you guys. I gotta hope, man. Maybe the presence of another mod and admin will make _Myst back off. Never know...
  3. I really dont know if you're referring to the thread I made above or the thread I made on the Minecraft Forums. Some more details would be appreciated. I'd also like to bring another point to this issue... _Myst automatically deletes the thread without warning, then gives me an infraction that explains absolutely nothing. ...Yet there is currently another moderator, AND a forum admin that posted on that thread. Without taking it down. This only furthers my belief that _Myst is an FTB fanboy.
  4. Xylord, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the nature of your reply. It is truly refreshing to hear another voice of reason. I can assure you that I will remain as objective as ever. I do try to stay calm when I talk on forums, -especially- when the topic is something that gets me riled up. Luckily, I always have good friends behind me who help me keep my cool. Cheers mate I suppose you're right. But the conversations and debates were mostly staying very civil and interesting, which is why I am taking a stand against it. Not to mention the serious lack of any reasoning or explanation is bugging me to no end.
  5. Mod note: Anyone just coming in, just ignore this thread and all the posts in it that don't have something solid to point to. Discussions on evidence supported topics only. Greetings everybody I sincerely apologize in advance if this thread is in the wrong section. I wasnt quite sure where to put it. I have been a member of these forums for a little while, though I ordinarily dont post on any forum very often. However, an unfortunate set of circumstances has pushed me to voice my concerns and objections to the current state of the Minecraft modding community. Unfortunately, there seems to be an unusual amount of people trying to stop me. These forums may very well be my last chance. For the last several weeks I have been a strong supporter of the FTB launcher and mod pack. I, like many others, was easily sucked into the vortex of lies and deceit spun by Slowpoke and his "team". However, over time, my eyes opened to the sad truth of FTB. Needless to say...I am not amused. At the time, I was in a position where I was able to contact Slowpoke directly. Unfortunately, each time I pulled him aside to bring major issues directly to his attention, I was promptly blocked by his arrogance and Holier-Than-Thou attitude. I tried many times to help, but the last time I spoke with him I was left with "I have had enough of you. Fuck off." Now here's where it gets heartbreaking. Earlier today, me and a friend who was in a similar situation as me decided to bring our concerns to the Minecraft Forums, where we could shed some light on FTB's disposition and recent "care mistakes". We felt the Minecraft Forums would be best, because we could speak freely in a place where Slowpoke had no authority. Unfortunately, we were sadly mistaken. The thread was taken down a short while after. I assure you, every single post that was made in that thread adhered strictly to the rules. There was absolutely no legitimate reason for it to be taken down. We had no received any prior warning concerning the thread. It was just gone. About 30 minutes prior to this post, I attempted to open another thread so that the discussion can continue. Within 10 minutes, it was again removed. Within moments I received an "infraction" from a moderator named _Myst. The message contained this: So, naturally, I respond with this. And, again, I re-posted the thread. I did mean it when I said I would keep re-posting. If any of you would like to join in on the conversation over there, heres the link. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1606584-some-issues-concerning-a-modpack-and-these-forums/ (Note: This link leads to my post in the Minecraft forums, General section) I would urge that, if you should decide to join in, please do so in a respectful and intelligent manner. I truly do hope that my suspicions are incorrect. It would be truly disheartening to find out that Slowpoke has influence in forums that have no relation to him or his project. I have decided to post this here in the hope and assumption that Slowpoke has absolutely no authority here. For those wondering, this is the post I created in the first thread that lists most of the issues and my concerns with FTB as of right now. I hope the spoiler tags work... Again I sincerely apologize for posting these issues here, however these forums are all I got left. It seems to me that most other forums are moderated by FTB fanboys. And sorry for the wall of text... tl;dr : FTB is a letdown, Slowpoke is a joke, and Minecraft Forum mods are fanboys EDIT: It appears I dont know the tags for Spoilers. Could somebody please enlighten me?
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