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  1. I'd like to point out a few things here, as I feel you are severely misinterpreting my motives, and you seem to be confusing a few facts with some fiction. I am not hostile towards you or FTB because of Jam. In fact, nothing I feel towards you or the others has anything to do with him in any way, it just so happens that he is in the same boat as me and we feel the same way. As for Jam, he WAS an FTB developer, regardless if you were made aware of the fact or not. Slowpoke made him a developer because Jam was working with another member of the dev team (I believe his name was iBurnz? I
  2. Yeah I've noticed, but I had figured it would have been worth a shot. I mostly posted there because I assumed it was outside Slowpoke's range of authority. There was, however, some very intelligent conversations that were very enjoyable for the short time the thread was up, surprisingly. And thank you for the welcome =). ...You know, I find it REALLY funny that, given FTB's public reputation vs. Tekkit's public reputation, I have not received a warmer welcome on any other forum to date. Goes to show that you should never listen to the hype. I'm really glad I came here, thank you guy
  3. I really dont know if you're referring to the thread I made above or the thread I made on the Minecraft Forums. Some more details would be appreciated. I'd also like to bring another point to this issue... _Myst automatically deletes the thread without warning, then gives me an infraction that explains absolutely nothing. ...Yet there is currently another moderator, AND a forum admin that posted on that thread. Without taking it down. This only furthers my belief that _Myst is an FTB fanboy.
  4. Xylord, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the nature of your reply. It is truly refreshing to hear another voice of reason. I can assure you that I will remain as objective as ever. I do try to stay calm when I talk on forums, -especially- when the topic is something that gets me riled up. Luckily, I always have good friends behind me who help me keep my cool. Cheers mate I suppose you're right. But the conversations and debates were mostly staying very civil and interesting, which is why I am taking a stand against it. Not to mention the serious lack of any reas
  5. Mod note: Anyone just coming in, just ignore this thread and all the posts in it that don't have something solid to point to. Discussions on evidence supported topics only. Greetings everybody I sincerely apologize in advance if this thread is in the wrong section. I wasnt quite sure where to put it. I have been a member of these forums for a little while, though I ordinarily dont post on any forum very often. However, an unfortunate set of circumstances has pushed me to voice my concerns and objections to the current state of the Minecraft modding community. Unfortunately, there
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