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  1. I've tried quite a few servers, and after getting tired of fac I wanted shift to a build-friendly server. Minepow is pretty active, the fewest numbers online I've seen being around ~15 to low 20s, it's quite active during the day without being super crowded (~60 people on, most I've seen personally). Admins and Mods are very helpful, quick to answer questions and help people out. Land claiming is easy to learn, and you tend to gain claim blocks fast as long as you're online/moving/doing anything really; it might be frustrating from the start if you want to claim a huge swath of land, but just be patient and you'll have a decent stash of claim blocks in no time. Now this is a personal thing, but I kinda wish there were more decorative mods. I love Carpenter's and MicroBlocks, but something for furniture might be a nice touch. Just a suggestion! The server is wonderful and I can only imagine where it'll grow from here! IGN: Tuffnoodle