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  1. Added/Changed the following things Skill Books Stat Books Experience Books Player-to-Player menu for options like trading Changed Wolf Pets Changed some skills Changed Health Regen to now proc every 1 second Changed Staves to deal more damage Scaled overall Health a little higher Added New Cosmetic Armors Added higher Tiers of healing potions
  2. Aerithis MMORPG Open Alpha begins. Aerithis MMORPG Features a ton of things you wont see anywhere else. In-game menu system, no commands required by players 9 Classes with over 160 Skills Custom Lore system with over 25 Different lore attributes Custom Jewelry System with its own attributes Custom Player Shop system with Marketplace Stalls and supports being offline Custom Minigames Custom Player Attribute System Custom Chat system Vendors, Banking, Mail, In-Game physical currency. Custom armors, weapons, materials, blocks, and items. Custom Resource Pack Dual Wielding, Shields, Quivers, Staves, Projectile Weapons and more! Custom Painted World Dungeons and Raids Seperate Factions World Seperate Marketplace world Tons of other custom features! We welcome you to join us. Screenshots We will be keeping the server online, and whitelist disabled for open alpha. All are welcome to play. Our Technic Link http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/aerithismmo.709379 The IP is We also have our own custom Launcher but I suggest Technic if you are already familiar with it. Not to advertise my own launcher but it is an option, and easier for me to update our players mods or resource pack. As well as being pre-configured. You can download the custom launcher here http://files.enjin.com/1033207/AerithisInstall.exe The zip version if that doesn't work for you http://files.enjin.com/1033207/AerithisLauncher.zip
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