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  1. Hey everyone (both players and applicants), Sorry for silence. Server has been offline for about days. I was in the middle of moving to a new, more reliable host, and we ran into alot of migration problems. Luckily however, we've sorted them out, and the server is back online. I just wrote a few new domain records, so it might take some time before spark.axlsjolund.me is pointing to the right spot. However in some places it could just work instantly. Who knows. When it is functioning on my end, I'll update again. Until then, I'll post the IP/port in the main post so you guys have an alternate method of getting there. UPDATE: The spark domain seems to be working, but 50% of the time it says offline on the screen. Double clicking still lets you in though. Might just be a result of the DNS propagating.
  2. Hey can I join your server my friend plays on it and wanted me to ask =]

    1. axlsjolund


      What friends?

    2. smashbox20


      His name is Austin but his minecraft name is mr_pants298

  3. Well pants, if you read the rest of the thread updates, you'd see that at the moment we aren't running Voltz, but beta testing a custom modpack built specifically for our spark server.
  4. You know guys... I don't know if there is a problem if no one tells me. I just tried to log on and found server unreachable. Unless there is an actual full blown crash, I don't get alerted to problems like the one we've been having (relating to the nether). UPDATE: Just so you guys are aware, I'm taking down the ManaSpark server until I figure out what bug keeps breaking it every few hours. Until then, I'm going to let you guys beta test the tech pack. As with Mana, if you're interested, then just let me know and I'll PM the platform URL.
  5. Hey guys. I realize the server is down/Not reachable. It's a simple fix, but unfortunately something is going on with the host, and I can't access the control panel, nor can I SSH in so I can fix it. I submitted a support ticket, so once they fix the problem on their end I'll be able to fix the problem with connecting. Sorry for the delay, but I didn't even get a report from anyone until recently, and because I can't access anything it's out of my hands for now.
  6. hey i know u are keeping numbers down but can you please add me to the server i am a big help

  7. Ah. Well you guys should have read back into my posts. I made 2 custom mod packs last week, and right now we are beta testing them on the server, to check for instabilities. One is geared for RPG and long-term investment. The other is based on Voltz, with expanded areas giving the player more to do. Right now we have the RPG pack up and running. I will pm you both the info you need to connect. Don't worry. The old Voltz map and server configs are still backed up and in a separate folder on the server. So nothing is lost.
  8. Server is Back online. Still working with host to find the cause of the hardware errors.
  9. Hi guys. Server is offline for the moment. Something majorly going wrong on the host end. As in everything letting me control the server is either not working or non-responsive. I'm working with them now to fix it.
  10. Alright guys. I'm in the testing phase right now. Gonna run RPG for a few days, then the tech. If you want to test too, PM me and I'll give you the pack URL. Right now it's Lazy and I.
  11. I actually did add a small variety of vehicles. Both airborne and ground assault ones. With customizable loadouts. I also did more work on the RPG pack, which is now officially named "Mana Spark". Anyone who enjoyed games like Skyrim or zelda will enjoy the pack. It's geared towards choosing whatever path you want, with plenty of options to pursue said career.
  12. Update on the tech pack. Went through several revisions today. So far all major bugs and crashes seem to be slain. Managed to get ComputerCraft and RedPower2 Wiring/Logic/Lighting working with UE as well. A bunch of other stuff was added as well, but we don't need to list it all. The pack is using the latest stable versions of the UE mods at it's core, and then expands from there.
  13. Update for those following the custom progress. I've more or less finished the RPG Modpack. Spent the night refining, bug testing, and adding to it. It's is ready for Technic Platform and already setup for auto-updates and the like. All you guys need is the URL to add it, and boom. Launcher does the rest from there. All i have left to do is turn on my Mac and design a logo & splash screen for it. Something nice and wonderful. Next I'll work on the technical custom pack. That one will most likely be harder considering the large list of incompatibilities.
  14. I've never found railcraft steam to be all that hard to maintain. As long as the system is setup proper, you never get explosions. I'll look more into the secret room stuff. Maybe there will be a way to disable some items that do they exact same thing, but keep other.
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