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  1. So I have a Tekkit server set up and my service provider is Websound. They having been working great for me but, I'm having this one problem that I can't seem to fix, I can't get cauldron running with my server. There are no presets for cauldron sadly, and when I try to upload a custom jar file it just causes the server to crash on startup... Any fixes?
  2. IP: No major rules just don't be a douche and have some good ole' fun! Server includes all original mods and no plugins! This server was just made for friends to get together and have a good time playing some Tekkit! I'm hoping many people will enjoy the server and become regulars so I have a good reason to keep it running. I'm hoping to attract older players because everyone knows it's really not much fun to play with whiny ten year olds...
  3. Sorry if anyone just tried to join, I had a power outtage. The server is now back up and running!
  4. No rules. Don't try to report people to me for destroying your stuff or stealing your cow, they benefited from your ignorance and that is final. Just a quick server I set up for anyone to join. There are no plugins in this server at all, I like how Minecraft runs without them so I'm keeping it that way. UPTIME: Almost 24/7 (may have a few crashes here and there that cause the server to stay down for an hour or so.) IP:
  5. I searched for the stalled server in my processes but couldn't find it. Any other way to fix that?
  6. My server keeps crashing. I've reinstalled it many times and it always works on the first startup but after I try again it crashes. Here is the report http://paste.ubuntu.com/14592709/ Mod edit: spilled log
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